From Firenze Books

 Torrents of  

Twenty-Two Stories

Our Time

"Harsh realism brought forth by a very creative pen. An illustrative journey through the darker recesses of the human mind. A continued journey through the darker recesses of the human soul. A book like no other that could appeal to anyone."

- N. N. Light's Book Heaven

"Whatever expectations one might have of a book of dark, realist short stories set in rural America, this collection defies them, and instead weaves an elegant song of sadness, dark humour, and strangeness."

- Neon Books UK

Many of Fennell’s stories, which employ different narrative techniques, create effective tension and suspense."

Kirkus Reviews 

"Words used to be art. In their creation. In the act. And thus the words were art in their very being. Forget the reader. Just don't forget the impetus. Christian Fennell never did. One of the rare few."  

- Shaan Joshi, Editor-in-chief, The Prague Revue

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