- D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


"Haunting and ethereal, Fennell's stand-alone The Fiddler in the Night is a masterpiece of reflection that is at once gritty, disturbing, and hard to put down."

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"In essence, the author has created a work of art in word form."


- The US Review of Books

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"This dark coming-of-age story will impress readers with its distinctive writing and intense, at times violent, story."

- Booklife Reviews

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"At times The Fiddler in the Night is a thriller reminiscent of the dark, intense work of Cormac McCarthy. At times it’s a coming-of-age tale, or a precise portrait of middle America. It manages to be all these things, while also telling an absorbing story. This is a cat-and-mouse tale set in grand, lonely landscapes and peopled with characters that feel achingly real. [...] At the same time, the writing is both terse and beautiful. Fennell takes a minimalist approach to description, leading to passages that often read like poetry: only the most telling details, arranged sparsely and cleanly on the page."

- Neon Books, UK

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"Fennell’s haunting and poetic prose takes readers through the Godforsaken terrain of rural America on a wild ride to its stunning and heartbreaking conclusion."

- San Francisco Book Review

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